Fort Worth Consultant JEBSEO Shares Local SEO Tips and Tricks for Online Success

Fort Worth Consultant JEBSEO Shares Local SEO Tips and Tricks for Online Success

Running an online business is no small feat to accomplish; especially if you are a sole proprietor within saturated markets worth millions of dollars. Your competition could be large teams with tons of budgeting resources, tactical teammates, and positive workflow culture to outflow your brand’s ability to be seen on local search engine result pages. How does one person manage to outsmart these sort of companies, agencies, or other consultants? Easy. Play strategically.

In this blog post we at Austin Yoga Institute plan to share with you local SEO Tips and Tricks for Success that our Fort Worth, TX SEO Consultant friend JEBSEO brought to us to bring to you – search engine marketing services near Fort Worth, Texas


Deliver Competence

Brands want to see growth in organic traffic from the start of their campaign with your SEO agency. It is important to display competence by recording changes in traffic on day 1 towards specific keywords that could convert into sales. Track, organize, and deliver these metrics for your clients, business partners, and self to build trust and display competence. The vital difference between competence and confidence is that both concepts can lead to conversions with your SEO agency but competence will retain these folks to keep doing business with you. We recommend rank tracking software such as Ahrefs and SEMRush to record changes in organic traffic. You can learn more by visiting the link here:

Drive Communication

Your potential customers, current clients, and teammates need to stay engaged in order to work effectively and efficiently. This means utilize Customer Relationship Management tools like Salesforce, consistently record project changes via Project Management Software like Basecamp, then provide proof elements in terms of rank changes with trackers like Ahrefs to prove traffic changes occur to litigate trust and enforce competence. We believe competence and communication really are the backbone for a successful business venture. Get yourself a solid team of like-minded folks who want to drive attention, find a brand you love, meet with the owners, get to know them, then question them if they want their phones to ring more or their email lists to grow with relevant sources. The more transparent you are with competent proof elements the more valuable your SEO brand will appear to others.

Provide Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Successful SEO businesses and brands utilize mobile-friendly web design. According to Oberlo, in 2023, 56.86% of global searches were utilized by a smartphone device. That and Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly web designed resources over older, transitional sources of information. You would be a fool to not implement these into your business plans.

Record Actionable Short and Long Term Goals

Most businesses want to rank #1 on Google for what others search that can potentially convert into lifelong customers for their products or services. SEO consultants such as Jonathan Bowers Search Engine Optimization pride themselves with the promise of organic traffic towards business web presences and provide clients with frameworks on when to expect rankings for which keywords based on industry standards and norms from past success.

Jon’s tactical approach towards SEO goals are as follow: if a customer wants to rank for competitive terms such as, “Tattoos Fort Worth” or “Fort Worth Tattoos” then those terms would be long term goals as these small-tail keywords are shorter and more difficult to achieve trust with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We step aside, perform keyword research and discover, hey there are longer, less competitive keywords with potentially less search volumes but we can achieve these terms within a shorter span of time. Learn more keyword research within the blog posted by our friends here:

For example, “tattoos in Fort Worth, Texas” or “inexpensive, quality tattoos near 76132” are easier to rank, prove competence for your SEO agency, and build trust with SERP’s so you can tackle those long term goals with the shorter tail keywords. Play smarter not harder.

In terms of displaying the achievement of these goals we recommend the list of Project Management Software displayed in the text above.

Display Trust

Displaying trust is different than proving competence in the sense that your product or service must appear valuable to others in order to generate sales. What we mean is that your logo, mission statement, product permanency(if a solid product), contact information, and the face on the brand must be attractive in order to display perceived value. Social media, on-site blog posts, and testimonials help your brand resonate with other presences on the world wide web. We recommend you acquire all social media presence accounts for your brand names in order to save yourself from potential legal issues to communicate with others about your services. Learn more here. Potential customers want to believe they need your product and you need to want to purchase your own product. Treat yourself as a high-dollar client who works with like-minded, trustworthy folks and that will move mountains for all parties. A winning mentality is attractive and brings trust.

Utilize Structured Data

In order to increase clicks, impressions, and conversions we recommend you utilize structured data such as your name, phone number, and address on your website, social media platforms, and directories. This displays trust and drives communication.

Publish More Video Content

Others want to see your attractive face as you discuss the importance of your brand. Publish video content and post it to your website! Educate others and help spread yourself as the expert within your niche. You provide complimentary value for others and gain perceived or actual trust towards your brand. Check out Camtasia for screen-recording software. Those guys are good at what they do.


In this blog post we discussed local SEO tips and tricks for online success. Whether you are a tattoo artist or an SEO consultant who wants to target local terms we highly recommend the points we brought across in this text. Trust, competence, and communication shines a light on the unknown and we are happy to have written this article for you to learn more about search engine optimization.

If you have questions about Jonathan Elijah Bowers Search Engine Optimization ( feel free to leave a comment on the bottom of the page then he will reach out to you. You can also fill out his discovery form at or call him at his cellphone at 817-559-3537.

His business is located at 5907 Chesapeake Pl, Fort Worth, TX, 76132. Write him a good review online. 🙂

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